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It’s time to unleash your email marketing profit rebellion.

If you're tired of the same ol’ stale-as-bread “doesn’t actually work” email marketing advice from those who have zero results in email marketing..

.. and fed up with following so-called “best practices” that lead you directly into the hamster wheels of mediocrity?

This is The Email Anarchist, a digital newsletter delivered to your inbox weekly, and a 'go-to' membership site, where we throw conventional marketing wisdom to the helldogs and embrace the chaos of creativity and profitability.. because that’s what makes the money.

This is where the GOOD STUFF is.

The engagement-hoarding, sales-multiplying insider copy secrets and strategies that MOST people only WISH they knew about..

Some things covered in-depth in your weekly “Email Anarchist”:

– Email Insurgency Tips: Break free from the chains of traditional email marketing with unconventional strategies that shock, awe, and convert cold leads into cash. Finally.

– Copywriting Guerrilla Tactics: Learn how to craft rebellious and polarizing email copy that grabs attention, stirs emotions, and incites income-generating revenue flow.

– Anarchist Case Studies: Real-world examples of email domination that defied the norms and achieved spectacular results. Proven. Already done.

– Sexy Hot Seats: Where we take less-than-stellar marketing campaigns, rip them apart, and turn them into the kind of mind-melting campaigns that drive sales 10x.

– Swipes for the Unafraid Marketer: Get your greasy little hands on our personally tested concoction of unignorable email swipes that break all the so-called rules yet deliver stunning performance.

– Q&A Insurrection: Your burning questions answered with a healthy dose of subversion and insight. We will make you better at this.

 Plus anything else that comes to light that will jump your copywriting engines into higher gear. 

You good so far..? Ok..

Meet Your Email Anarchist: 

“With over 20 years of experience in digital and email marketing, I’ve seen it all. I’ve played by the rules, followed the trends, and listened to the self-proclaimed experts. But where has that gotten us? It’s time for a change. An upgrade. I specialize in crafting polarizing email and sales content that instantly stands out in a crowded inbox and drives insane results. I have generated millions of dollars using simple email, and I have no plans to slow down. My approach is unconventional, unignorable, frequently controversial, and always effective. Join me, and together, we’ll turn the email marketing world on its head. Jump in, fasten your seatbelt, and let’s enjoy the ride together.. It's time for YOU to start winning.”

~ Geoff Stephen ~

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We've also added, as a BONUS for ALL subscribers, our "Email Anarchist’s Guide to Mastering the Essentials of Marketing" video web classes.. this will show you exactly how to get into profit in digital marketing within 30 days..

This exclusive video course - over 4 HOURS of video teaching and wisdom taught by our leader - includes:

Module #1: Digital Marketing Bootcamp (53:38)

  • "Whether you're a novice or a seasoned marketer, these essentials will sharpen your skills and prepare you for domination."

Module #2: Profit Funnel Warfare (57:20)

  • "Learn how to strategize, optimize, and monetize with precision. We’re talking about building funnels that not only capture leads but turn them into gold."

Module #3: Email Rebellion (1:28:25)

  • "Command your audience and capture the inbox. Get ready to send emails that don’t just get opened, but get acted on."

Module #4: Affiliate Insurgency (1:06:27)

  • "Lead the charge and conquer commissions. Discover the secrets to affiliate marketing that will have you topping your leaderboards in no time."

This course is INCLUDED and waiting for you in your Email Anarchist backoffice. Packed with insights and strategies, it's designed to turbocharge your business launch, helping you soar ahead with speed and ease.

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"Hey man, your Email Anarchist newsletter is the secret weapon I didn't know I needed. Seriously. I took your counterintelligence advice, and now my emails are as unpredictable as a plot twist, even to me. lol. Engagement is through the roof! You've made me an email marketing rebel, and I'm loving it. thanks"

~ Emily W., Freelance Wordsmith Extraordinaire

"Yo, you're a lifesaver! I was stuck in a rut with my emails (for years now), but your latest newsletter was a game-changer. The insights-to-action tips? Mind-blowing. My emails are popping, and it's all thanks to you. You're the real MVP. :)"

~ Marcus T., Small Business Maverick

"OMG, Geoff! Your 'Art of Email Espionage' turned me into an email marketing ninja! Haha! I put the competitor tactics to work, and my click-through rates are easily 10x. You're a genius, and I can't thank you enough."

~ Samantha K., E-commerce Boss Lady

"Hey Geoff. Just had to drop you a message. Your 'Email Anarchist' newsletter is pure fire! I took the competitor secrets and ran with them, and my email numbers never been hotter. Seriously, you're the email marketing guru we've all been waiting for."

~ Alex R., Digital Marketer on Fire

".. so I revamped my email strategy based on your newsletter, and the results are killer. If anyone's not reading your newsletter, they're seriously missing out. Keep the wisdom coming."

~ Kevin L., Marketing Maestro

Are you ready to embrace the creative chaos and become an Email Anarchist?

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